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ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Program

Manufactured Home Graphic

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new manufactured home, be sure to mention Owen Electric’s ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Program. As a member of Owen Electric, you may be eligible for an ENERGY STAR certified upgrade at no additional cost.

In most cases, manufactured homes that will be installed in Owen Electric service territory may be upgraded to ENERGYSTAR standards through this energy-efficiency program.

By taking advantage of this incentive, you may save an average of more than 11,000 kWh per year when compared to the standard manufactured home. Right now, that’s an average savings of about $1,100 each year or about $90 a month. Since the ENERGY STAR certified home uses substantially less energy for heating, cooling and water heating than a standard manufactured home, it’s less expensive to run.

To be eligible for this incentive, new manufactured homes must meet the following criteria:
• United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) and Systems Building Research Alliance
(“SBRA”) guidelines as an ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home.
• Primary source of heat must be a heat pump 13 SEER & 7.5 HSPF or higher as required by SBRA.
• Home must be all electric.
• Home must be installed by the manufacturer on lines served by Owen Electric Cooperative.


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