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Contractors Conducting PSC Sample Meter Testing

With recent concerns of 'contractors' working in our area, claiming to be affiliated with Owen Electric, we wanted to remind our members that we do have contractors conducting PSC sample meter testing. We have been utilizing a third-party company, Anixter, who is based out of Illinois, to field test meters as a part of mandatory requirements issued by the Public Service Commission.

This project involves the two contractors driving around our area in white vans with decals labeled 'Contractor for Owen Electric.' They have photo ID badges that also identify them as a contractor. Along with those identifying markers, they also carry with them a laminated letter that identifies them and also explains why they are on our member's property and what they are there to do.

The contractors will be doing the following work:

  • Knock on the member's door, properly identifying themselves and their purpose for being there.
  • Temporarily remove the meter from service by pulling it out of the meter base, which causes a short outage.
  • Take the meter to their van and plug it into their test kit to test for accuracy.
  • If the meter passes the test, it is then returned to service, or plugged back into the meter base, which restores power.
  • If the meter fails the test, a replacement meter--which has already been tested and passed accuracy testing--will be installed, also restoring power
  • Install a new seal on the meter base and leave the member's property.

Under no circumstances is the contractor to enter a member's home. If the meter is located inside the home in any fashion, that location is to be skipped. Anything outside of the above process is NOT part of this project and may be reported by calling 800-372-7612, option 4.

Below are photos of the two Anixter contractors and their vehicles. Please note, the vehicles have Illinois license plates.

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